How Do I Connect with Other People Living with HIV?

In our recent survey, we found that many people living with HIV do not have the emotional support that they need to cope with the chronic condition. It can often be difficult to connect with others living with HIV due to barriers like transportation or living in a rural area. In other cases, people may not receive the support they need from family, friends, or loved ones. Our goal here at is to connect people living with or impacted by HIV while building a supportive and nonjudgement online community.

How do I connect with others on

For many, their first visit to the site starts with reading articles on topics that are unique to the HIV community. These articles are written by our community advocates which consist of people living with or impacted by HIV. Additionally, the Editorial Team brings the latest information on HIV-related news or research updates.

Here are some articles that our readers recommend

HIV stories, forums, and comments

Every person living with HIV has their own story to share about their personal experience. In our Stories section, anyone can share what their experience has been like as well as read stories from others in the community.

Forums are another way to dive deeper into a conversation geared around a specific topic. For example, this forum.....

There are so many relatable articles and stories on! If you are moved by the personal experiences that are shared by others, you can feel free to comment and share your thoughts.

What if I want to stay anonymous?

Stigma makes it difficult to talk openly about HIV/AIDS. As a result, you may be apprehensive in sharing your experience with others and that is okay. Even if you choose to stay anonymous, you may still want to connect with others in the community.

At, there are ways to participate, get information, and connect with others without revealing your identity.

Creating an anonymous username on is the best way to engage with others without revealing your identity. Check out the instructions below to learn more about how to participate anonymously.

Creating an anonymous username in 4 easy steps

  1. Choose a username that does not use your first and last name, and avoid any nicknames that might easily identify you.
  2. Register for
  3. Enter your anonymous username
  4. Enter your email address. Your email will not be visible to other users on, and we never sell or give away email addresses. Your email will be used to login to your account and receive an weekly newsletter if you choose.

Participating with your anonymous username

Once you log in, you will be able to participate on while also maintaining your privacy. You can share as much or as little as you want about your HIV/AIDS journey & experiences. If you choose to remain anonymous, make sure you do not post anything that includes personal information about your identity.

Some examples of identifying information might include:

  • Your location (generally, mentioning your state or country is fine!)
  • Full names of your family members or friends
  • Your place of employment
  • Detailed medical information

Thank you for joining us

Thank you for being a member of We hope you enjoy connecting with others within the HIV community!


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