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Brooke Davidoff

HIV Community Advocate Brooke DavidoffBrooke grew up in San Diego, CA where she majored in Journalism and Theatre at Palomar College in the 90’s.

She moved to Seattle in 2008, got married and pregnant, in 2010 she was diagnosed with AIDS. Within months of her diagnosis she was a contracted blogger for, and an active member of Seattle’s BABES Network. She spoke on a World AIDS Day panel that year.

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She has also blogged for Positive Women’s Network is now in State Lead training with them. Brooke has been featured in articles in POZ and Glamor Magazines. Her poetry is featured on, as well as a handful of HIV poetry anthology books.

She went back to school in 2019 for Human Services & Public Health at Long Beach City College where she was on the Dean’s List and was the Social Media Chair for the Human Services Club. Brooke was then a recipient of a scholarship from The HIV League in 2021.

With The American Academy of HIV Medicine she is on a CAG. She is on the admin team and an original member of Pillow Talk with Deirdre Speaks. A weekly Wednesday HIV Positive Zoom support group. She is on the Policy Action Committee, on the People Living with HIV Caucus.

In spring 2023 she completed an Education and Advocacy Fellowship with Planned Parenthood of the Great Plains. She is currently an HIV Peer Educator at University Health, Truman Medical Center in Kansas City, Missouri.

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