DeKeitra Griffin

HIV Community Advocate DeKeitra GriffinDeKeitra Griffin, licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), started as an advocate for HIV/AIDS as a senior in high school by taking friends to their appointments and becoming informed about HIV. He volunteered with local organizations in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, and continued the service while attending school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

DeKeitra experienced a traumatic event that led to him being diagnosed with HIV on May 12, 2011. After health complications, he decided to move home to Dallas and finish school while changing majors from neuroscience to psychology. DeKeitra studied at the University of Texas at Arlington by completing an undergraduate degree in psychology, a master of social work program, and, recently, the master of public administration program. During his studies, DeKeitra used his lived experiences, including living with HIV, survivor of rape, and survivor of intimate partner violence, to become a stronger advocate.

He serves as a board member for the Professional Association of Social Workers in HIV/AIDS and as a steering committee member for the United States People Living with HIV Caucus. DeKeitra is currently attending Louisiana State University as a Ph.D. student in their social work department. His goal in life is to be an advocate and researcher for the LGBTQIA+ community by focusing on intimate partner violence, sex work, mental health, substance use, and HIV.

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