Nathaniel Holley

HIV Nathaniel HolleyNathaniel Holley is a writer, philosopher, student of life, and advocate for those living with HIV. He decided to champion the cause and live transparently to provide visibility following his own HIV diagnosis in 2012. He has earned his B.A. in Polical Science at Morehouse College and Master in Legal Studies from American University. Throughout his career, Nathaniel has traveled his talents from teaching English to elementary students in South Korea to working for some of the biggest consulting and law firms in the country. While living in Washington, D.C., he also served as a Commissioner on the Washington, DC Commission for Health and HIV which exists under the Ryan White HIV/AIDS program to provide a comprehensive system of HIV care to low-income people living with HIV.

In November 2020, he launched, The Freelux Project, a non-profit focused on providing access and agency to LGBTQIA folks across the country. Their phase 1 initiatives involve providing free virtual mental health services and home STI test kits. He seeks to create a world where stigma doesn’t interfere with self-care. He is a native of Dayton, Ohio and currently resides in Dallas, Texas with his partner (and Co-Executive Director of the Freelux Project). Outside of his detailed work, he spends his days as the Compliance Manager for a financial services firm and as a fitness enthusiast. In the coming months, he seeks to publish a collection of his works that include poetry, short stories, journal excerpts and personal interviews. He says, “I have always believed that we must use our gifts to inspire and show others how to lead full lives. Our job is to teach others as we learn and release our insecurities. That’s why I live boldly” You can find him on Instagram at @nathanielholleyofficial.

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