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Casey Krueger

HIV Community Advocate Casey KruegerCasey was previously a health leader on

I, Casey Krueger (no relation to the nightmare hopping murderer), have been living with HIV my entire life. Born from humble beginnings in Los Angeles County, California, life has led me down a twisting path of tragedy and success.

My mother passed from this world due to AIDS-related complications when I was very young, a loss that would bring me sorrow tempered with determination. After seeing what my HIV could be capable of, I had to be sure that I never let that happen. I made sure that I learned all I could about HIV from random books, websites, talking to doctors and nurses, all gave me pieces to a puzzle.

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When I met my first advocates, I knew what I was meant for. I found myself in a career in public health, leading me to more conferences, more contacts, more information, and more ideas. I became a highly driven HIV health educator and fervent advocate, taking every chance to speak in public about HIV and stigma. I used my gift of gab to educate and motivate, getting people to look beyond stigma to the truth of HIV.

I married the love of my life, joined in a magnetic relationship, and she became a very important part of my life with HIV. We participated in a campaign for the CDC to show the world that people living with HIV can have healthy and happy relationships. I eventually was given the opportunity to present my own TEDx Talk, which gave me the drive to do more.

After years of using my voice as my only method of advocacy, I am now putting my words to text. I will always have my passion for spoken word, but now my ideas will be less fleeting and more far-reaching.

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