HIV Community Advocate ZeHi, my name is Ze. I'm in my late twenties with an amazing son, which I will probably mention a lot in aspects of my life. My son is the best thing to ever have happened to me and has taught me so much, unconditional love. I was given a new stepping stone in my crazy life road in 2017, and that was my diagnosis of HIV. I have learned a lot in these few years, and am still continuing to learn. In my lifetime, I have been treated for depression, PTSD, and anxiety (all severe). My battle is not worse than the next person's; I just want to win another fight and encourage others to win as well. The biggest thing I have learned in my lifetime is to be patient, loving, and non-judgmental. And the biggest thing I am currently learning is to love myself first. I am not sure of my life purpose yet but have contributed countless hours to many different markets of business.

Currently, I do analytical work and am pursuing a degree in Computer Science. I am going into business for myself this year to help provide current and future income opportunities for my family. I love giving back and will do more for my community in the future. I have, in the past, provided volunteer work for the elderly, food pantries, and donations. Eventually, I will open my own non-profit to help with different issues. Life is hard sometimes, but would you appreciate it as much if it wasn't?

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