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What advice do you have for the newly diagnosed?

Receiving an HIV diagnosis can bring on a range of emotions.

How did you handle your diagnosis and what advice would you give to someone newly diagnosed?

  1. Alafia (Peace) I didn't handle my diagnosis well at all. Keep in mind this was in 1991 when there was only one treatment available, AZT a cancer drug with extremely high toxicity. I isolated myself and only share the diagnosis with one person.

    I recommend that anyone receives an HIV diagnosis to allow yourself to check in with how you feel. Then take steps to enroll in care and treatment, find a support group, and think about sharing your status with a trusted friend or family member.

    1. Hi Khafre, thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Your feelings are completely valid, especially in choosing who to share/not share with. How was the initial treatment with AZT? Are there any insights you'd be interested in sharing on your treatment journey? We'd love to hear if you do!

      Also, I loved your advice about checking in with yourself and how you feel. It's so easy for us to avoid processing overwhelming issues, and I think your words of wisdom are so spot on here. Joining a support group or letting one (or a few) trusted members in can be so helpful in keeping up a strong mental health.

      Thank you so much again for taking the time to share all of this with us! So looking forward to all of your contributions!

      Best, Casey ( Team)

  2. I was very worried before my first HIV test - I passed it anonymously, I was scared. It turned out to be negative, which is good, but there is still a second test ahead of me, the control, I am very worried

    1. Hi - Thanks for sharing about your testing experience. I understand that testing can bring on a range of emotions and I hope you find there are others here who get it. Feel free to keep us updated as you feel comfortable. - Jake ( Team Member)

  3. Being newly diagnosed today is no big deal. There are a plethora of medication options to control the virus and bring you to undetectable. I was diagnosed in 1984. There would be NO medical treatments for another 12 years. I was told I might live another year or more; and to make my final arrangements now! _ So to those being diagnosed with HIV these days, don't get all upset and dramatic about it. Just adopt a healthy lifestyle and make sure you never miss a dose. The talk about stigma is highly exaggerated. Most of the stigma comes from within you. You don't have to share your diagnosis. Many men are on PrEP today so they don't care anyway. Undetectable = Untransmittable for HIV.

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