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Can we take generic medicine with same composition?

One of my friend is survivor of HIV and doctors prescribed Teevir viraday but this medicine not available all time at pharmacy so shopkeeper advice to take Teevir medicine and I am in fear, should I take this or not? Teevir is also available online ( at low price compare to pharmacy shop so kindly suggest to me, what would be better for me.

  1. Alafia (Peace) I have been taking medication for HIV since 1998. Throughout the year I have never taken a generic medication. I don't believe I have had any discussions with my providers about the subject. I have taken generic medications for my mental health diagnosis. They worked just a good as the original.

    1. Hi

      I have not taken a generic prescription for HIV, but have for other treatments. Have you spoken with your doctor about a prescription that's more readily available, or have you thought about going through a mail-order company? I have my prescription mailed to me every month, before I ever run out. I also use a prescription assistance program to help cover the out-of-pocket cost with the mail-order service. Hope this helps!

      -Ze (Team Member)

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