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How is HIV transmitted? Am I at risk?

Hi doctors,

I recently visited massage girl, I put my finger in her vagina and rubbed her nipple. Then I suck her nipple without realizing I touch it with my finger that contain her fluid (I remember there's only small amount of fluid there). Later on we had sex less than a minute ๐Ÿ™ and she used towel to remove condom, and I couldn't see if it was removed correctly.
What are my chance if catching HIV if she happen to carrying it?

Please help giving some advice.

Best regards

  1. , I am glad you reached out because there is a great deal of misinformation on the internet about how HIV is transmitted, and we like the opportunity to give you information. We are not doctors or medical professionals, so cannot tell you what your risk is. But this information may be useful.

    HIV is transmitted when one of five bodily fluids (semen, precum, vaginal secretions, breast milk, or blood) comes into contact with an opening in the skin (such as a wound) or the mucous membranes (these are inside the body) of an individual without the virus. More here:

    First, it sounds like you do not know if the person you were with is living with HIV, or if she is, if she can transmit it (those who are taking medication may get to a point of 'undetectable' and unable to transmit HIV sexually - more here:

    If she is living with HIV and not undetectable, you should know that HIV does not live very long at all outside the body. More here -

    All that being said, HIV testing is considered to be part of regular health care for anyone who is sexually active, so if you have never been tested and want to start doing that, we have lots of information here that can help you! - Liz (Team Member)

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