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What has been your experience with getting your viral load under control?

My stats and journey so far include the following approximate results and times.

1. 1st week Nov 2019 – CD4 15 & VL 4.8 Million
2. 3rd week Nov 2019 – CD4 45 & VL 2,200
3. Mid December 2019 – CD4 80 & VL 626
4. Mid Feb 2020 – CD4 78 &VL 206
5. End May 2020 – CD4 206 & VL 506

I had a genotype test in November and my HIV was not resistant to Biktarvy

I’m very concerned that my viral load has gone back up while on Biktarvy. However I am thankful to have CD4 now over 206.

My questions are as follows:

1. Is it normal for the viral load to go back up slightly as it has since I started so high before becoming undetectable?

2. What has been your experience with getting your viral load under control starting with such a high number?

3. Should I be concerned that its now trending upwards but my CD4 is improving or is this a probably just viral blip of some sort?

Please help – I’m 100% adherent to my medicine. I just really want to get this to undetectable. I dont want to panic but I will not lie this is very concerning for me. Please provide your experience.

  1. Hi Artis2068! Thank you so much for reaching out. I'm glad you've found our community for support and encouragement. Hopefully others can chime in with their experiences on this topic.

    I can understand your concern with these new, higher viral load numbers. While we cannot interpret lab results or give out specific medical advice over the internet (for your safety!), I do hope others can let you know what they've gone through.

    In the meantime, I am so glad to hear that you are adherent to your medications! That is the best way to move yourself toward your undetectable goal. Hang in there! You can do it! Please keep us updated on your journey, and reach out anytime!! -Casey, Team

    1. Alafia (Peace) , I agree with what Casey shared so I only want to share my life experience. I have had my viral load rise even while my CD4 count got better by increasing.

      I have been patient with my viral load. It has taking time over six months for my viral load to lower even as I was 100% adherent. Try not to panic. It has been my experience that stress can have an effect on my lab numbers.

      Khafre (Team Member)

      1. Would anyone here like to hear what I have to say about a more natural approach?

        1. yes please

      2. I have been poz for over 30 years now and have been fortunate to have remained undetectable for 27 years,
        When I first started treatment, my VL was well into the 500k. I started a long line of treatments and a few years into it, my VL became undetectable and has remained that way since then.
        I am fortunate as to never have any medical issues thus far thanks to 100% medical adherance.

        1. what meds are/where you taking? how do you feel while taking meds? I'm asking because for some reason the meds are working, but I feel horrible

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