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I have been living with HIV for _ years

This forum is an opportunity to discuss further about how many years our members have been living with HIV. It is giving folks a chance to share their lived experiences.

How long have you been living with HIV? And what has your experience been like?

  1. I have been living with HIV for almost 4 years now, and every day is a different day. Some days I wake up, ready to take on the world, and others. .. I'm too sad to function. I believe it has gotten easier as time has gone by.

    1. I completely understand where you are comin from with some days being harder than other days. I am in the very same boat with you. I can honestly say that working with a therapist has helped me change my stuck points, which were negative thoughts/feelings. Keep those eyes looking for the positive things in your life and stay the strong woman that you are. - Amanda (Team Member)

    2. I hate to hear that you have felt the low points, but am elated to hear that you are working on your journey and are finding ways that help for you. I know that I have utilized therapy, and need to make it a better habit. I do believe that things become more manageable with time. You are strong, keep pushing!! And if you ever need a familiar ear, my inbox is always open. -Ze (Team Member)

  2. Twenty seven years for me

    1. thanks for sharing, how are you doing? - Liz (Team Member)

    2. You are a long term survivor! I know there is likely so much that we could learn from you. Keep your head up and know that this community is here for you! - Amanda (Team Member)

  3. It's been four years for me. It shadows every single day of my life.

    1. Hi , it can be very overwhelming and lonely living with HIV. I'm glad you've found our community for support and encouragement. You mentioned feeling like HIV shadows every day of your life. That is really powerful. I wanted to ask if you'd be interested in sharing any specific challenges that you've faced since diagnosis? We can all learn from one another and we're always a friendly ear if you'd like to chat. -Casey (Team Member)

  4. Hello!

    I was DXed in 1998. I took the test out of boredom. I couldn't possibly be poz, LoL.

    So, I was a lil more than shocked! Now, it's been so long I don't even think about it much. Health is good. I'm 57 now and better off than most folks my age. Poz or not.

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