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Possible Risk and Testing Results

Hi all, I’m experiencing a deep anxiety and worried about my HIV risk and the accuracy of test results.

One week ago, I went to a massage parlour in Hong Kong. She gave me a massage for around 1 and a half hour, at the end she got naked but with underwear on and finished up with a handjob with massage oil on my penis. While giving me a handjob (without gloves) with her left hand she also gave me an anal fingering (around half of her finger inside) but with gloves on. Nothing else happened. I’m also quite sure that there isn’t any blood on her hand or my genital, since I wiped it off with tissue and can’t see any blood.

Although I searched around the internet and other forums saying it’s risk free, I’m still quite worried since I’m experiencing a low grade fever, weight loss and severe diarrhoea now after a week for 3 days. The below will be my concern:

1) Am I at risk? I’m asking this because My obsessional thoughts makes me keep thinking that what if there’re her secretions or maybe some other body fluids on her hand (maybe fingering herself before giving me a handjob or fingering, since my eyes are closed I’m not sure did she did that) while giving me a handjob or fingering?

2) Today is the ninth days after this possible exposure, and I’ve gotten a RNA PCR test in a clinic, results came out just now undetectable. So my question is can this test at least rule out that the symptoms I’m experiencing now has no connection with HIV ARS symptoms?

3) Is the RNA PCR test reassuring? I know it is not a conclusive test, but can this test shows that I’m safe in a bigger chance? Maybe around 90%?

Please help me out since this is bothering me these few days and I just can’t have a goodnight sleep. Many thanks to all!

To add up, I’ve called the clinic and ask about my test results, they said although the RNA is not a conclusive test(by following the guide, I would need a 4th generation test on the 28th days for a conclusive results), but the chances of me getting HIV just from the test results is extremely unlikely. They said they’ve never seen someone else turns positive after a negative RNA test after seven days of exposure.

I’ve also called the local HIV/AIDS organisation and asked about the test results, they gave me a similar answer saying it’s not conclusive but highly reliable.

  1. Hi , thanks for your thoughtful post and questions. I can understand why you might be nervous and your feelings are really valid. It sounds like you've done a lot of research and have talked to some healthcare professionals, which is great. To talk about your specific questions:

    1. We are not medical professionals and cannot give out medical advice on what your specific risk might be. However, we can say that HIV is only transmitted through several types of fluids. As you mentioned, these include rectal and vaginal fluids, blood, semen, precum, and breast milk. You bring up a good point, that you don't know what happened when your eyes were closed, but it does sounds like the risk was low for any of these fluids being present based on your assessment of the situation. I understand the struggle with obsessive thoughts though, and why you are reaching out! For more information on transmission in general, check out this page,

    2 and 3. Again, since we are not medical professionals, we cannot speak to your specific test results, but I am really encouraged that you've been working with doctors along the way who seem to be reassured. As you mentioned, there is a window period between when a person gets HIV and when they first test negative. The RNA test does have the shortest window period, but, like you said, there may be additional testing required later on (after 28 days in your example) to be completely sure. The best thing to do is follow any instructions or guides your doctor gave you, and to get any follow-up testing recommended. You might find this article on HIV testing and the different types of tests helpful as well,

    I know these aren't the most specific answers, because we cannot give out medical advice over the internet (for your safety!). But it does sound like you were in a low risk situation and that your doctors and the local HIV organization members are reassured so far. Please continue to follow-up with them and their recommendations, and let us know how things go! I'm hoping the symptoms you are experiencing are due to another issue and resolve very soon! We're here for you and wishing you the best!

    -Casey (Team Member)

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