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What are your favorite hobbies and distractions?

Whether it's relationships, stigma, treatment side effects, or something unrelated to HIV, we all feel overwhelmed from time to time. What are your favorite ways to get your mind off of things and feel better?

  1. I’m starting to enjoy taking a break from TV and reading more. I’m reading Black Leopard Red Wolf by Marlon James right. It’s a great adventure story.

    1. I love the outdoors and have been a runner for about 60 years and try to get in a 5 miler or more every day. In addition, I canoe and kayak as I live right on a river. All this at the age of 70.

      1. I also enjoy the outdoors. That is amazing that you have been running for all these years, I am sure that has kept you in top shape! -Ze (Team Member)

    2. I want to get on your level! ☺️ Do you race?

      1. Rarely now JT. I may do a 10K or two per year but I don’t have that competitive fire quite so much any more. Still, it is interesting to see how I compare to others my age in the province.

        1. Absolutely, that is such a beautiful thing. I am starting to make yoga and conditioning apart of my list of things that I want to do for the rest of my life and with consistency. There is something about committing to moving my body that helps me with physical restoration and mental wellness. It gives me a place to push myself a little bit beyond my limits in a safe way.

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