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Telling your Children

My son is 8 yo, I know eventually I am going to need to tell him. Any advice? Did anyone wait for a certain age?

  1. Hi Ze, this is a tough one. My husband and I struggled with this one too. We decided to give them age appropriate presentations about our condition. The reason we did that is that we didn't want them to hear it from anyone else. Presentation is everything and no one can present it better than us their parents. So every few years we revisited the subject. You know your child's understanding better than anyone evaluate when you believe he is ready. Take a deep breathe, our children surprised us with their understanding and their solid support to this day and they are all grown now.

    1. Hi ! A little late, but I just saw this comment and loved it so much I had to reply! I really appreciated that you worked hard to control the narrative and tell your story in the way you wanted to. Creating age-appropriate language and conversations for young ones that conveys the situation is not an easy task, and I admire you both so much for your efforts. I'm sure your kids really appreciate it, too. I think this comment will be a great starting point for others dealing with the same decisions. Thank you for sharing! -Casey (Team Member)

  2. Alafia (Peace) I shared my status with each of my son's when they were 10 years old. By then they had heard about HIV and knew some of the basics. Khafre (Team Member)

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