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Have you experienced anxiety?

I want to share some advice from an experience I went through a couple of years ago. After a somewhat risky sexual encounter, I convinced myself I was HIV positive and had off the chart anxiety for weeks. I started seeing things like white spots on my tongue and convinced myself of a diagnosis before even getting tested. It was to the point where I even told my parents. I just want to say to anyone to try to hang in there as you go through anxiety. It is very easy to get in your head and have blinders on. This is especially true with the white spots on the tongue, which can be ulcers caused by the anxiety or from biting accidentally.

You will get through this. Things are likely in your head and worst-case scenario, this is now a disease where you can live a happy and healthy life with treatment. Don’t be too hard on yourself and go get the test as soon as you can. People care about you, including myself.

  1. @heretohelp - thank you so much for taking the time to post in our community. I really appreciate your kind words for all of our members here <3 The support you've given through your writing can be so helpful for anyone reading this and going through something similar. I hope you're having a restful week! Wishing you a gentle day and sending love, Alesandra ( Team)

    1. Hi @heretohelp! I just wanted to echo Alesandra and say how much we appreciate your words of wisdom and kindness! People like you are what help make our community a warm and welcoming place for everyone. Sending big hugs your way and wishes for a wonderful holiday season ahead. -Casey, Team

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