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What were your HIV seroconversion symptoms?

What was your hiv seroconversion symptoms and did it last or disappear over time?

  1. Hi errrr! Great question! While you're waiting for others to respond, I thought you might find this article helpful on early stage HIV, It has several symptoms listed for the early/seroconversion period of HIV, and where the progression heads to next. Just thought you might want to check it out! -Casey, Team

    1. Alafia (Peace) @Errr, thank you for the question. I believe I servonverted in 1989. For me, I was co infected with HIV and syphilis. The symptoms of syphilis were more pronounced so I didn't notice.

      1. I was assaulted and too ashamed to do anything about it. Sharing the incident with a close friend we spoke daily and I was able to go back and have a day by day account of my seroconversion during a 28 day period.

        My map/timeline is here:

        1. Alafia (Peace) I am so glad you have someone you can trust and work through this with. I hope you are also unpacking the trauma of your assult. We are here for you. Khafre (Team Member)

        2. Thank you for sharing. You are truly brave to have shared this traumatic event with someone. -Ze (Team Member)

      2. Hi @Errr,

        I believe my symptoms during my seroconversion time were body aches and fatigue. My symptoms of fatigue still linger, even though I have been on medication for over 3 years. The body aches, however, did seem to diminish once I was undetectable. I hope this helped. - Ze (Team Member)

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