Party Drug Named ‘Crystal’, Part II

Editor's note: This is the second installment in ParTy Drug Named ‘Crystal’. Read the first article in this series on the use of crystal meth in hook up culture.

Hey y’all, I’m back and we’re still breaking down crystal meth. As Rick James would say, ‘It’s a Hell of a Drug’.  So the last time we talked, I got into how crystal meth works in our bodies. Remember, this drug has a direct effect on the BRAIN. It releases the ‘feel good’ chemical called, dopamine. Boom! You’re feeling great for a few moments and then you come back to reality.

But also consider that chemical addictions can be pretty hard to overcome. At a certain point, your brain needs the drug to even function. So for all the feelings of euphoria, there is a cost. Everyone is different and will experience these drugs differently. So I decided to put a mirror to crystal meth, so you can see the potential consequences.

How crystal meth use affects the body

Now, say you’ve been using for a while, and you wake up and look in your bathroom mirror. The person looking back at you may look older. Crystal meth can make your face age quite quickly. Looks like your skin is also a bit duller. Oh no, seems like puberty has set in again. Pimples and sores are breaking out on your face out of nowhere. They aren’t cute and they are hard to get rid of.

Smile! Oh no, don’t do that. You might see stained, broken and rotting teeth. Who wouldn’t want that? Okay, again this isn’t everyone. But really, the results of prolonged use can be devastating and should be weighed carefully against its value in giving you that extra boost in the bedroom.

Crystal meth affects your thoughts and mood

Crystal meth can also have you tripping mentally. Feelings of paranoia and hallucination are common. The mood swings can do a number on you too. You might lash out at a relative for no reason. I mean, this might be understandable when you haven’t slept for days or weeks at a time. You don’t feel hungry. You might have a twitch or a tic that just won’t go away. You might need to borrow money to fuel your growing addiction.

Seeking help for crystal meth addiction

Fear not, though: Addiction is treatable! Crystal addiction is one of the hardest ones to break. But, we all have the will power to break free of situations we don’t want to be in. Chemical dependency requires that you be in the care of health specialists. The withdrawal symptoms can be very harsh and even life-threatening.

Tap into available resources

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration provides a treatment locator to specialists in your neighborhood. If you are currently living with HIV, be open and honest with your health provider and come up with a plan together to manage your health concerns.

So how did we get here? That feeling of pleasure is a great one. We use parTy drugs like crystal to get there faster. I ask myself this question when it comes to any drug or food that I put in my body: how will it serve me today and in the long run? We should stand by our choices as individuals and be accountable first to ourselves. Let’s figure out how we can best love ourselves and have the pleasure we all deserve. Leave your comments below.


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