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What Does Aging Look Like for Me

First, I want to say that I never thought that I would be living this long with HIV. Not that it is a terrible thing, but it now feels very scary for me. I feel truly blessed to still be alive when thinking about the people who lost their lives because there were no medications for them to take.

If it weren’t for people who lived with HIV in the '80s, who fought for all of us, I would not be here to see my daughter grow up to be an adult. I would not have had a chance to have a child who was born negative, but what is the beautiful topping on the cake is the advancements in medication that allowed me to be here to see my granddaughter.

Aging comes with

What does aging look like for me? It looks like a fear of what comes with living so long taking medication for HIV.

Aging with HIV complied with other comorbidities that come from getting older frightens me for sure. Diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, neuropathy, and heart disease. Right now, I am a borderline diabetic but also am dealing with burning pain in the sides of my feet and ankles, which could be neuropathy.

Embracing my present moment

What does aging look like for me? It looks like I must be so much more aware of these things. It looks like no one will address these other issues that come from living with HIV for so long and taking medication.

Just like addressing the belly fat that many of us have as well. At times I have body aches, and sometimes my body is too tired to get out of bed, but I wake up and roll out of bed eventually. I am not writing this to put fear in anyone but shedding light on what my aging with HIV looks like.

Being transparent is needed to let others know HIV is not a walk in the park, but we eventually will start to have other health issues to worry about other than HIV.

Be happy and enjoy your life

What does aging look like for me? Continuing to live my life happily in my skin and cope with what life has given me the best way that I can. Do I worry? Of course, I do, but I cannot let what will come to stop me from living the life that helps me to smile.

We are what we think, and when we have positive thoughts about life, that is how we create a positive life without negativity dragging us down. Live your life to the fullest every chance you get so that you will not have any regrets at all. Be the best you can be and love others with your whole heart and soul. Treat yourself with kindness all the time and be sure to take care of yourself and your health.

How have you embraced aging while living with HIV?

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