The Truth

I decided to write a poem about my experience with some HIV stigma and the things that people have said.

I truly believe that if we continue to work against the stigma, we can help other’s who may be experiencing this virus. The greater voice we have means the greater research can be done to find a cure to the virus. All of these things can help the spread of a long-living virus.

Teaching through sharing our journeys

Oftentimes, we forget that people generalize or stereotype just because they do not know. There is so much power in knowing and learning.

I believe writing about our experiences and tribulations will help people understand how we all are truly alike in so many ways. We can teach through sharing our experiences.

Although we all come from different places, worlds, cultures, etc - we are all human. We all feel. We all hurt. We all heal. And we all love. We are alike in so many ways.

The Truth

They have said we’re nasty,
the least bit classy
with a virus that never leaves our body.
Do they know
That no viruses go,
Away from your insides.
It causes constant stress,
On our mental and physical beings.
From shingle outbreaks,
To insecure dates,
There’s so much we must handle.
We still stand strong
Though the nights are long,
And sometimes the thoughts are never-ending.
With a little bit of discretion,
We become a pin-cushion,
Faithfully, every three months.
Daily medication,
Need for deep meditation,
And healing a lifelong trauma.
Knawing body aches
Cymbal crashing headaches,
We may have felt it all.
The body destroying evolution,
Something with no solution,
Something we are constantly trying to battle.
The hard truth is a confession,
If there is progression,
Things can be even more damaging.
Status sharing a hard topic session,
With a lasting impression,
Of something, we must admit.
So please do not hate,
And learning never happens too late,
Together, we can heal.
One can only pass,
The virus in mass,
Through contact with infected blood, semen, or vaginal fluids.
Being undetectable,
Makes it un-transmittable,
And therefore, no threat.
If you are afraid,
Those nice doctors get paid,
Good money to help us out.
There are prescriptions for before,
Prevention medications galore,
And a solution for just about anyone.
So never fear,
Support is near,
For anything that you may be experiencing.
Things to know,
Before you go,
About people with HIV.
We are human,
With feelings and hearts,
And the hate can tear us apart.
Whether a mistake,
Or something we found too late,
We are not our diagnosis.
Please don’t pass judgment
At our present moment,
Because yours may be different.
We are not icky,
Or deadly or sickly,
We will still live very long days.
So remember to love,
To live, and be free.
Remember, I am like you...and you are like me.

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