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Community Rising

I have shared with you time and time again all the support I get from my mother and family, but I also want to share with you all the support I get from the community overall.

What is The Fight Magazine?

Last month, I was approached by the publisher of The Fight Magazine who asked me if I was interested in telling my story and speaking on the advocacy work that I have done over the years. The Fight Magazine advocates for the rights of LGBTQ individuals in all aspects of life. Some of these are things like adoption, anti-gay bullying, discrimination in art, news, culture, and HIV advancements. This specific magazine is a southern California monthly LGBTQ publication.

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These magazines are distributed both in print as well as online. You can find these magazines for free at places like LGBTQ-friendly businesses, bars, and clubs.

An article on public health work in LA

I was able to be on the cover of this amazing magazine with 2 other leaders who have done amazing work within public health. The magazine wanted to cover the satellite sites or “hubs” of the Los Angeles LGBT Center. These 3 sites are called Center South, Mi Centro, and the Trans Wellness Center.

Everyone on the cover played a key role in the implementation of programs and services at their individual site. The cover featured a program supervisor, a program manager, and an executive director. Being the program supervisor of Center South, I wanted to make sure the magazine expressed the vital role we play within the South Los Angeles community.

Highlighting our advocacy work

The article within the magazine expresses all the advocacy work we have all done. It also emphasizes the programs and services that each of our sites offers the community. Each hub services all members of the community but also are tailored to fit the needs of specific target populations.

It was an honor to be a part of this process alongside leaders who have been in the field for a very long time. The magazine came out in December 2021 right around the time of World AIDS Day. My site was even able to have some advertisements within the magazine itself.

Unconditional support from my community

My friends and other individuals within the community constantly shared the posts of the magazine as well, which showed me how supportive they were. They made sure to spread awareness about World AIDS Day as well as the importance of routine HIV testing.

I have complete gratitude to everyone who has stuck by my side after disclosing my status to the world. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity that The Fight Magazine has given me to highlight the work that I have done throughout the years and will continue to do every day.

I truly appreciate all the support that my community has given me throughout the years. I promise to continue the work that I do as well as continue being always honest and transparent to ensure my community trusts me.

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