Fear Versus Love

It seems like with the constant noise of the news and cries of protest, there is no time for a brief moment of peace. I have come to a point of exhaustion with living in a state of emergency all of the time. Every new development is cause for alarm.

Internal and external stressors

It reminds me of the boy who cried wolf. If I am always living in fear, how will I know when I am in actual danger? COVID-19, the election, and the reality of race relations in the States have pushed us to our breaking point. As a community of people with internal stressors and chronic health concerns, we should be extra protective of our own peace.

Limiting stress and protecting our mental health

Starting with acceptance

Part of this process for me is acceptance. At this moment, I have to accept what is unknown or inconclusive at the moment. Understanding that the ideal solution is not yet a reality puts my mind at ease. Why? Because it makes me reorient my goals and expectations to seek ways to reduce risk.

Having a mirror of reality is helpful because I can make decisions that are beneficial for me and that are rooted in what is true for me at that moment. I believe we all have a right to claim some practice to center ourselves in. It gives us time to think clearly about our personal needs and act responsibly to obtain them.

Streamline information based on your own goals

At some point, I felt like I was drowning in a sea of information. I couldn’t watch Netflix or Hulu, let alone the daily news because nothing on those platforms brought me joy during this time of isolation. The news app on my phone just seemed like a stream of bad news.

Through all of these complex emotions, I had to learn how to float in it and now I’m figuring out how to swim through all of the things that don’t serve me and my goals in life. I have come to realize that truth is information, but not all information is truth.

I don’t try to pick through to see what is true and false. But, I am starting to just go with what is right and equitable and ultimately feels like the right thing to do. I am starting to open my ears to hear the responses of my actions and make adjustments to accommodate them.

Praticing love towards ourselves and others

For me, it all equates to loves’ ability to dispel fear. Love is an action. If it isn’t exercised, then it isn’t love. Love is humility and responsibility for yourself and others. Love is open and transparent communication.

Love is a muscle

These are tools that we all have some familiarity with if we would shift our focus from ourselves to our neighbors. In a time when separation is at an all-time high, we are faced with the challenge to humble our hearts to each other and for each other. Yet, it is still to be seen how much pain we can inflict on ourselves until we understand. Love is a muscle.

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