Musical Meditation

Some of the most influential moments in our lives are shaped by the music we love, especially the music we listened to when we were teenagers. So many changes happen.

Do you remember puberty? It was just the worst. The songs often mark the first kisses, break-ups, and make-ups. Life’s high and lows have a sound, a vibration, and energy. Music is the soundtrack to our lives, as the cliché goes.

Music meditation

Take a moment and remember a time when you were at your best. As you meditate on this moment, relax and let your ears be open. Open your ears to the sounds in the room.

Ask your mind to bring back the music that compliments this moment of success and beauty. Replay the sound of the song in your mind for as long as you need.

As you slowly come back to yourself, wiggle your toes, and fingers gently. If you closed your eyes, open them. Come back to the senses around you and proceed with a sense of gratitude.

Using music to reconnect with yourself

This short meditation is just a way to reconnect with a part of yourself that you may not engage with often. By linking our positive moments with music, we are able to recall them more quickly.

In fact, this could be used as a tool to combat those lows that we experience in life. I feel like my brain can only occupy one or two thoughts at a time. If I feel a negative thought coming on, I can just think about the songs that bring me a feeling of personal joy and love.

A gentle reminder of self-care

I am reminded that I have the power to inject intentional moments of care for myself in every situation that I encounter.

Self-care for me is a necessity that requires me to face the realities of living in a tough world. Self-care is about the release of tension, oftentimes by facing my problems head-on and pushing past them. Other times it is about being gentle and slowly navigating my environment.

No matter the approach, it must come from me. It has to be informed by the truth of my situation from my perspective. It requires me to be honest with myself 100 percent of the time. It requires compassion for yourself and others. It requires love for yourself and others.

What is your life's soundtrack? Take some time this week and remember your life’s soundtrack. By creating time to engage with yourself in positive ways, it helps to lessen the impact when negative moments come crashing in, sometimes without any notice. Living with HIV and other chronic illnesses require constant attention and maintenance. Even if that only is taking a pill a day, it is something that requires a desire and intention to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes our moods can throw us all out of wack. Developing ways to stay on track and unconditionally love ourselves is our little goal, moment by moment. It is with our intention to love that we remain healthy in mind and body.

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