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Bring on the New Year

Last updated: January 2022

As 2021 ends, I wanted to take the time to acknowledge both strengths and areas of improvement within my own life. That year was a rollercoaster, to say the least, for all of us. But, I want to make sure that I continue pushing myself for bigger and better things.

The year 2022 has already started, and I want to make sure that I set my intentions on the right path for the new year and years to come.

Achieve a balanced life

COVID-19 was a part of my life more frequently than close friends were last year. One area of improvement I would like to work on is having a balanced life. What I mean by this is that I feel like I do not make enough time to either reach out or hang out with the people I care about.

Dating, family, closer friends

I have been dating lately and, in the new year, I would really like to balance both a dating life as well as time with close friends. I tend to focus all of my time on potential new people that I am talking to and less time on my friends which should not be the case.

One strength from this past year is that I have gotten a lot closer with my 2 sisters as well as have spent a lot more time with my family overall. For the year 2022, I would really like to have a balanced life hanging with close friends, family, as well as with the person that I am dating.

Push myself a bit harder at the gym

Another area of improvement for 2022 would be to continue pushing myself when it comes to the gym. One strength is that I do go to the gym at least 5 times a week but have not been pushing myself as much as I should.

I continue to maintain where I am at but I would like to push myself to gain more muscle and less body fat over the next year. I was tracking my workouts in the early part of 2021 but want to purchase another workout tracker to ensure maximum results.

Succeeding at my place of employment

The biggest strength this year for me would be getting promoted to program supervisor at my place of employment. I have been with my company for over 3 and a half years now and knew that I was ready for more responsibility within the public health field. Every day I continued to show up, going above and beyond for a job and organization that I absolutely love, and it has benefited me in the long run.

Continue to build and track partnerships

For 2022, an area of improvement would be to really maintain a calendar and journal of updates and potential new partnerships for my site. We have been open for about 2 years now and are continuing to grow our services every day. Keeping this journal and calendar will really benefit me by keeping me on track especially for things we plan far in advance.

Overall, 2021 was a year I struggled with at times. It was a year full of strengths and challenges but also a year full of love, respect, and gratitude.

I am ready for what 2022 has in store for me.

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