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February PrEP Journal

It’s February and I am already dreaming of springtime and all of the beautiful people as they shed their coats for summer. I think about the street festivals and parties to warm up the cold winter days here in Chicago. I think about new relationships forming and exploring intimacy.

PrEP has empowered me

I have to admit: PrEP has empowered me to make decisions about my sexual health and act on them in tangible ways. PrEP has made me more open to having frank discussions and treating sex not as a taboo but as apart of being a holistic human being.

I don’t fear sex

I see sex as a way to express emotions in communion with another individual. It is the ultimate exercise in listening. Sex is a laboratory of body language communications. It gets down to what I and my partners like, love, hate, and laugh at. It is us, stripped-down bare and trusting that the other person will accept every blemish and fault that makes us whole. Sex is the way that humans experience the act of creation. In it, we are all artists and creators of pleasure and of life. It is a powerful act of Love.

Recommitting to PrEP usage

February has been about recommitting to PrEP for me as well as flights of flirtatiousness. The winter slowly melts away our need to hide and hibernate. With Valentine’s Day, I felt like the beginnings of breaking out and being social. A new season is on its way. And PrEP is a tool for changing seasons.

The purpose of PrEP in my life

I am reminded that PrEP is a seasonal drug. It presents itself for a time in my life when I want to expand my sexual network while maintaining my own standards mentally, physically, and emotionally. By using PrEP this way, I am assigning intention and purpose to the little blue pill.

A better chance of PrEP adherence

I feel like marking times in my life through reflection gives me a better chance at being adherent to PrEP. I can point to the change of seasons outside or an event that has inspired a new course of action. I am spending more time listening to my body and mind and truly figuring out what I need. Taking the time to conduct an inventory of yourself is key. Then, taking that inventory and acting on it whenever possible makes you unstoppable. When I think about PrEP this way it becomes an important part of my routine.

Seasons of change

I feel myself changing how I move in the world and I am glad that PrEP is available as a resource through these transitions. I really felt like opening up today. Could you share with me your stories of taking medications and how intentions can change your outlook?


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  • caseyh moderator
    9 months ago

    Such a well-written piece that highlights some of the benefits of PrEP, JT! Thank you for taking the time to write this. I love your attitude and the way you crafted your words to talk about such important topics. Khafre makes a strong point in the comments about PrEP being negatively viewed by some as a “license for irresponsible behavior”. I think this piece shows a different side of PrEP and is so valuable to our community.

    Hope you have a nice weekend ahead! -Casey, Team

  • Khafre Kujichagulia Abif moderator
    9 months ago

    Alafia (Peace) JT, Wow, you have provided a fresh and honest outlook on PrEP. As you know there has been many negative comments and attitudes about gay men who take PrEP. Often shaming people as they believe it to a license for irresponsible behavior. Your article makes a positive statement about why PrEP is so critical in our HIV prevention tool box. Great job.

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