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Relationships, Recovery, and Advocacy

I was involved in an abusive homosexual relationship starting in October 2015 until April 2017. In April 2017, I almost died from being stabbed several times. I received staples and lived. I never stopped attending school and even tried to hide the scars from others.

Homelessness and new beginnings

In January 2018, I found love again but became homeless by August 2018 after my family did not support my lifestyle. I stayed with friends and my boyfriend until we got a place of our own in January 2019. Ultimately, since I was not healed from the previous relationship, I carried that trauma into the relationship, and the relationship suffered. I am a true advocate that hurt people hurt people. I went through counseling again for myself.

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After everything I had been through, I realized that I could stay in the victim's seat or be victorious through adversities. I chose the latter, and my lived experiences served as motivation for my life.

Education and advocacy

I started volunteering with community-based organizations working within the LGBTQIA+ community, especially those living with HIV. I completed undergraduate psychology studies and the Master of Social Work program. I will graduate in May 2023 with a Master of Public Administration degree. I am on the board of directors for the Professional Association of Social Workers in HIV/AIDS.

I have attended multiple conferences regarding HIV/AIDS, including the Biomedical HIV Prevention Summit, AIDS 2022, the United States Conference on HIV/AIDS, the National Conference of Social Work on HIV/AIDS, and the National African American MSM Leadership Conference. I provide counseling to individuals living with HIV, those taking PrEP to prevent HIV, adolescents, perpetrators of domestic violence, and individuals with substance abuse issues.

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