Routines for Purpose

In a time of social distancing, keeping up a routine is a perfect way to remind ourselves of what we need to take care of ourselves. This may be mother nature’s way of telling us all to slow down and re-evaluate how we live our lives.

As a freelance artist, I have been developing strategies to organize my time. Trust me, it has been a process. Not having the structure of a nine to five job is liberating, but with the new freedom comes new responsibilities that fall directly on me.

Routine and structure improves my productivity

I am a person that resists structure outwardly. But I do notice that when I apply structures I like, it makes my productivity better. Routines help me keep track of my medications including PrEP and it confirms a sense of normalcy for me. There is also something satisfying to look in the mirror as I take PrEP and recommit to my health.

We need to uphold these little wins and everyday tasks in our lives as apart of an important mission of wellness. Through our commitments to everyday choices, we create habits that can serve us later in life.

Remembering why I incorporate healthy routines into my life

I make the decision to take PrEP for my health and my future family. The everyday commitment of taking PrEP helps me with my immediate life situation, but it also secures the future that I want for myself.

Applying this to other avenues of my life, I have to consider the foods that I eat. I try not to be super hard on myself, but I do sometimes ask, “How does that meal make me feel?” I try to clock my response and think about how my eating habits affect my health. This logic can be applied to any type of life situation and I like to employ it to gently sway myself into better habits.

Self-reflection during social distancing

During this time of low activity among the world’s human population, we should encourage self-reflection in all aspects of our life. It is also really important to be gentle with ourselves and remain positive. The mind is a powerful thing and we have the ability to change our mood if we learn to master our thoughts through meditation.

Looking at how we spend our time

We are social animals! But in life, we are sometimes faced with the situation of being physically alone. By reflecting on the things we do with our time, making changes where we want, and executing our routines, we curb the negativity that can creep in when we are alone. Through our executive actions, we create purpose in all things we do. We assign value to ourselves and we begin to know our worth. So, put it in the context of our health.

Reflect on health routines

Reflecting on our health routines, making changes when needed, and executing our medication cycles creates a purpose-driven habit. It shows that we value ourselves and our health in ways only we understand. The knowledge of knowing your body is a liberating one that no one can ever take away from you.

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