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Going Out of Town

I travel at least once or twice a month and I always do my packing a couple of days before my trip so I won’t forget anything. No matter how many days ahead we pack when it’s time to travel, we are not always fully prepared, are we? With work, errands, and family to deal with, it can sometimes be overwhelming when it’s time to fly out of town.

When you're dealing with any kind of health condition, it’s best to know what to do so you stay on track, not leave your medication behind, or even forget to take it on time while you are away. I will share somethings that has worked for me since I travel out of town so much. I had to have a routine because I found myself forgetting to take my HIV meds when I was in a new space; and sometimes, I would forget them at home due to rushing.

Packing HIV medications for travel

You want to start packing at least one or two days before your trip to make sure you have what you need and you don’t have to rush at the last minute. When I pack I always make sure that I take out two days worth of my HIV meds and sit them in a small container next to my nightstand.

Use a pill container

I also recommend that you use a pill container when you travel I have one that I use and can put a week's worth of medication in it. You can also purchase pill containers that hold two weeks' worth of medication or more depending on how long you plan to be away. It’s better than packing the bottles of medication that were prescribed to you.

Don't pack medication in checked luggage

I do not recommend you put your medication in the suitcase; it’s best to put it in a carry on bag, backpack, or purse. That way if your luggage is lost, you will still have your medication with you.

When you arrive at your destination

Unpacking is so much easier than packing. So when you have arrived at your destination and are settled in, I suggest you unpack and put your things away, even if you will only be gone from home two days. The reason why is because this helps you feel more comfortable, and puts your mind at ease; it’s like being at home.

Have a routine even when traveling

Sometimes when we travel, we may forget to take our meds because our routine has changed and you're not at home. Always sit your pill container on the night table at the hotel or wherever you are staying. That way, you can see it as soon as you wake up or go to sleep.

If you take your HIV meds in the afternoon don’t forget to take them with you when you leave out for the day setting an alarm on your phone reminds you and once it goes off you can excuse yourself from whatever you are doing and go take your meds.

I am also sharing a great article on what to do when you relocate to another state.

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