A Day of Loving You

Last updated: March 2021

Wanting to fit in. Isn’t it something how everyone follows the holidays on the calendar and when those dates come around to celebrate, people get depressed, sad or upset because there is no one around to enjoy it with? Why is it that we allow what the world is doing or what they think to affect us in such a negative way? Who said that it was a rule to follow these holidays that come up every year of our lives?

Why do we celebrate holidays?

So many of us were raised with parents who followed these trends because their parents brought them up this way. What would happen if we didn’t celebrate all these holidays that are supposed to be so wonderful to us? Are we afraid that we won’t fit in or is it that we feel we must do it since everyone else is? Maybe following all these things make us feel a sense of love deep within and it’s how our world revolves.

Managing our loneliness on Valentine's Day

February 14th is closely approaching, and there are people who have partners in their lives and some who don’t. And the closer the day gets, women and men who don’t have anyone start to feel some emotions inside. Emotions that carry a mental burden of, "I’m so lonely. When will I find that special someone to surprise me?"

Internalized stigma

For those living with HIV, it can cut like a knife so deep because this condition has caused loneliness internally. Years of not being sure if love will ever come your way leaving you with that internal stigma you have placed on yourself. When finding out about your diagnosis it can create a spot of lonesomeness, or sadness that can hurt mentally. So why are you producing these feelings don’t you know that you can change the feelings you feel because you put the energy in you that you develop.?


What are you going to do on Valentine’s Day? Are you going to feel sorry for yourself or are you going to enjoy it? Shake that bad mood and funk away. Take yourself out somewhere that you said you can’t enjoy by yourself. Buy yourself something nice. Celebrate the love you have for you and get in the spirit of loving the day that you create in your head. Buy yourself some roses, place them in a vase.

Take in a movie with a good friend or go to dinner. Be the best date you ever had. You do that by doing the things that make you happy. Turn on some music and dance while cooking an awesome meal and having a glass of wine. You can give yourself permission to shut off any unwanted thoughts and have the time of your life that you bring into existence on Valentine's Day.

It's just another day

It’s not about the Valentine’s Day that you see on TV. Who said it’s supposed to be with someone special? Aren’t you special to yourself? Yes, you are here, living and alive. So make the day for you without any excuses. Remember it’s just another day!


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