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One Year of H-I-V.net Stories

Today we celebrate our 1st anniversary! It's hard to believe that just 1 year ago, we launched H-I-V.net!

H-I-V.net was created to foster a community for people living with and affected by HIV. Whether it's been on H-I-V.net, our Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram, we've been excited to share information, connect with those living with HIV, and offer a place for everyone to share personal thoughts & experiences. It's been incredible to be a part of this growing community!

In commemoration, we thought it would only be right to highlight the members who have chosen to share their stories on the site. Each of us has own our unique journey, and we are so grateful for those of you who have chosen to share yours on H-I-V.net.

Stories about living with HIV

Someone's gotta go first!

Our very first story submission by a community member on H-I-V.net. It's never easy to be the first, but this member who goes by username "bsprat" shared their story just over a week after the launch of H-I-V.net!

They said, "I had a well-balanced life and was well-rounded as a child. Growing up I noticed the liberty some of my childhood friends had and I wanted it too..." Read the rest of their story titled, I Just Knew...This Was It: My HIV Story

Self-love with HIV

Helen shares how she learned to love herself, but also gives tips on disclosing your status. She shared, "Today I am a living testimony that I am greater than the virus." Check out Helen's story, My Life With HIV.

Couples living with HIV

Kalvin Marshall came to our community and shared not only his journey, but his and his wife's as a unified story. He shares in, A Seroconcordant Couple, "We are choosing to focus on life after the HIV diagnosis. That is where our story really begins. After the HIV diagnosis, we went from an HIV positive couple doomed to fail, to a couple living with HIV, focused and with a purpose."

The latest but not the lastAt the time of this article publication, our most recent community member story submission comes from Nancy. She shares in her story, My Bittersweet HIV Journey, "I’d just like to say how very healing it’s been for me to share my story and help educate others." More stories and how to shareAlthough we've highlighted a few select stories here, we've had over 25 individual stories shared by community members over the past year. Be sure to visit our main stories page to see what others have shared. We know not everyone is ready to share and some may be concerned about privacy, so we also created this guide on how to submit your story and participate anonymously. Share my own storyWe are so excited to see what this next year has in store for H-I-V.net! Let us know in the comments how you've benefitted from the community and what you'd like to see on H-I-V.net in the future!

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