Hey, I'm Sam and today I've been letting everything and anything play on my mind and take over. It's been 9 years in March I was tested positive for HIV. We all have our good days and bad days I suppose and self remorse days. I've never really spoke properly to anybody about how I contracted HIV, not even my family or friends, who yes, I have told most of them trusting about me.

How I contracted HIV

It was March a few weeks after my birthday I was out in Manchester with friends after. Waking up somewhere unfamiliar with strangers not having a memory of the night before was so frightening for me. My phone dead and out of use I made my way home like 30 miles looking and feeling terrible. Two weeks later after having bad sleep and sweating and falling asleep on the bus home from work loads of times, I didn't know if it was because of what happened or what was to happen. So I had to take myself to the clinic only my second time after only having two previous partners in my life.

I was so scared it was like 8 days after my tests I was sat with my mum who didn't know what had happened to me. I got a call from the doctor, my heart suddenly sank to my stomach, he asked me to go in, so I said, can you not tell me now? At this point my mum is worried so I told her I had to go see him there, she looked worried. We both went, he took me in as my mum waited outside, I got the bad news and suddenly fell to the floor. I kind of knew it on the way and stayed calm for mum.

Upset and scared

Everything at this point was going off in my head, I'm dirty I'm disgusting I'm an embarrassment and a failure. I was upset and scared. What my mum was going to think? The doctor asked if I wanted her so I said yes, and she saw me in the room and instantly broke down with me holding me tight and comforting me as much as she could, which I hold so close. She's such a superstar.

An everyday normal healthy-ish life

Having a few bad days doing research and getting help from doctors I started feeling more positive about living with HIV. I'm now undetectable and have been for about 7 years which is great. I still live an everyday normal healthy-ish life. What eats away at my head sometimes brings bad days which I hate talking about. I never thought I'd ever let anything take over and control of me, but your mind and brain are very funny working things and I've just been having a really shit few weeks with this and a few more home problems. Ahhhhhh dear

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