HIV Cause me Aggressive Depression & dark thoughs

Content Note: This article describes suicidal thoughts. If you or a loved one are struggling, consider reading our mental health resources page.

My experience with HIV has been truly very unpleasant and too complicated to get medicines plus analyzed because I am based in Morocco...

Depression and thoughts of suicide

After 6 months, I dived into a horrible depression which made me think of killing myself for million reasons, every day I suffer due to emptiness and being able to speak to no one, and feeling being rejected although no one knows I am HIV but over-thinking just destroy me mentally.


I am trying to survive but with no hope and no desire as once I wake up. I just wish if I do not, I spent all day in my room thinking and thinking nonstop.

Even looking for job has been impossible !!! I don t know how long I can bear this situation but honestly, i feel it's the end, I just don t want to harm & shock my parents by suicide.

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