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Growing up gay in a very conservative and religious community, I was always very cautious about any sexual encounters. I stayed cautious and only had unprotected sex with those I was in a committed relationship with after a trip to the clinic.

HIV stigma and family

Well, my last partner was as forthright with his results as he should have been. I found out in November of 2018, to be met with my mother's remarks of "I figured it was a matter of time" then followed by her instructing my siblings not to drink out of the same glass as me. I don't hold any resentment against her for those remarks, but it was then that I knew that my path in life was to help educate and fight the stigma.

Using my life to help others

Yes, it's unfortunate that I was given a virus while it could have been avoided, but everything happens for a reason. We may not understand that reason at first but I know in my life God doesn't ever put me through anything for me to just endure. He gives it to me to overcome and educate. If by living through the things I've lived through I am able to reach just 1 life then it will have all been worth it.

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