HIV Fears

I feel I might have been exposed to HIV after having sex with a sex worker unprotected couple weeks back. I have these lymph nodes lined up on my neck, enlarged for over a month now. I feel like I might have caught the disease, but I'm scared to test.

If I test positive

I have digested a lot of information on HIV over the past 7 weeks and I came to a conclusion that even If I test positive, it definitely isn't the end of the world for me. I can still live a fulfilled life.

I fear the stigma attached to HIV

However, I fear the stigma attached to the virus, especially if it's from my family, my mom and my siblings to be precise, 'cause they are less informed... If I test positive, there's no way I wouldn't tell my mom, but I fear that she might stigmatize and that would really break my heart. I wish I could tell someone close to me what I'm going through right now. I wish there was no stigma attached to the virus. Pardon my typo, just typing everything that's on my mind. I'm really scared.

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