36 Years POS and Counting

Being positive for 36 years has been a bittersweet love affair with HIV. I'm very fortunate to still being alive and living with and not dying from it. Like so many of my friends did in the 80's.

Providing support to the community

I became a co-founder of a nonprofit agency that provided education and support and testing to the community at large. In 2019 I suffered a heart attack and had to quit my job. I never thought that I would have to leave a job that brought me so close to people with the same situation as mine. I do miss those clients. I do see some of them in clinic and pharmacy at times.

Looking for a new direction

Now I looking for a new direction to be a part of the HIV community. I recently had a second heart attack and now I'm focusing on getting well and looking for a new direction in serving the HIV at Large.

A new day abounds. Never giving in or up until we end this Epidemic.

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