Paranoid and stressed

Hi. My name is Jane,25 years.

I engaged in condomless sex with a guy on 23 Oct. (We were drunk but he assured me he is safe)
To be on the safe side, I managed to get PEP medication on 25 Oct.
I finished the whole dosage.

Symptoms of pain

Approximately a month later I came down with a really bad flu that the doctor ruled out as pneumonia. The medication really did not help much as the flu wasn't subsiding. During that period I had aching muscle and joint pain on each hand and each leg (Not on both). Till now the muscle and joint pain comes and goes away.

At some point during the night I woke up at night with really painful abdominal pain. It was so intense I felt like I'm being cut into two.

Rashes and itchiness

On 29 Nov I realized I have three rashes on my hand and two on my back. They weren't itchy at all.

A few days I started feeling all itchy. I develop a red rash everyday. The rash goes for 3-4 days before it fades away. I apply fanbact to help relieve with the itchiness.

More symptoms emerge

Last week my neck was all stiffy and at some point felt a very sharp pain on my neck.
And I realized I have two small sized swollen lymph nodes at the back of my left side neck.
As of this week I am experiencing dry coughs. And in the morning when I wake up it's wet coughs.

I went to the doctor yesterday, she advised me to test after three month to be absolutely sure.

I am so stressed right now.

I really want to believe the PEP medication worked.

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