Positive Outlook: Pride Month 2023

Last updated: June 2023

June is pride month. It is a month of celebration but also one of awareness and recognition. Pride speaks to the acknowledgement and truth of our intrinsic human dignity, self worth and identity in our community. The LGBTQ family has faced continual discrimination and misunderstanding. The sight of a rainbow brings us the sense of joy and happiness, but it is also a beacon of light, that of love; which is to shine upon every heart and mind, to bring change in the world, and ensure a rightfully just society.

I am bisexual and HIV positive

During the celebration of Pride month, it speaks to me personally and others, as one who is bisexual and HIV positive. The stigma, misunderstanding, and discrimination of this chronic condition which is continually directed to our community, gives witness to our personal journey in the LGBTQ family. Each of us has our path of change, self realization, struggle, healing, renewal, self discovery, and well-being, giving testimony to the heroism of the human spirit, in the pursuit of equality.

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Pride is a time to be me

Each one of us is a hero; unique with a specific purpose. We have the platforms available be heard; but more profoundly in how we live our daily lives. A simple action or gesture, a simple word or hug that many times can go without notice, are some of the most heroic acts; whose impact is monumental. We learn and are formed by those closest to us, and those we frequent regularly. Therefore, as we enjoy Pride month and the summer weather, it will be fun just being you.

Written by James Cotromanes

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