Strong Will

13yr survivor. Wow. And I am still here.

News of my diagnosis

First got the news, I cried. 2wk hospital stay, had every test done you can think of. I had one of the best doctors around. Without him and myself, facing this head on... I was determined to be a survivor.

Treatment for HIV/AIDS

The road was tough and a lonely one. You see I had no one for support, but myself and care treatment. Now came radiation and chemo. I was full blown AIDS. I have, still have, those scars and side effects to remind me of how lucky I am. The end result, is that I will die with it, but not from it.

Knowledge is power

It's all in how you handle and manage what has been thrown at you. Thanks for letting me share my story. There is so much more to share. Knowledge is power. Us it.

Brian K. Wiseman

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