I Never Knew What Was Coming

I was diagnosed on June 29th 2018.

Deciding to get tested for HIV

Must say I was very confident about having a nonreactive test, but it wasn't like that.

My partner and I had been having some arguments related to jealousy ... That's why we decided to be tested. He was the first one, then it was my turn.

I was there, next to the nurse, listening to all the info about the virus while the test was there with my blood in it. When the chat was over, she looked back at the test. Then she looked at me and said: "es reactiva" - it's positive.

Next steps after an HIV diagnosis

The next second I was cold and she just said "What's your next step?" "Start my treatment", that's what I responded, followed by "I need to see my boyfriend, please call him..."

He was there for me from that moment. We were scared, there's no doubt.

That was the moment —I now realize, where my life took another path: one that I'm still finding out...

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