6 Tips: My HIV Diagnosis Story

Last updated: October 2023

After receiving an HIV diagnosis, it's a lot to take in mentally, emotionally, and spiritually; bringing yourself together in mind, heart, and spirit with the acceptance of this new reality- you have HIV.

Have something you don't want especially a virus, which you will always have tears at the fabric of how you perceive yourself.

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  1. The continual self realization that chronic illness is a commonality of the human condition; regardless of the diagnosis.
  2. Regret is a sword that will cut at your inner peace and acceptance of this new reality if you let it do so. No human being is perfect. If this was indeed to be true, that person is not human. We all make lapses in judgment, mistakes, have our faults and shortcomings; as life rolls on.

  3. Whether sexual contact, drug use, shared needles, smoking, bad diet, lack of excercise, etc. that results in chronic illness, is to be human.

    Therefore, let yourself know that your dignity and self-worth has not changed.
  4. Dating with HIV adds a new dimension to this process and experience.

    The issue of personal dignity and self-worth comes to mind, as you disclose your positive status to a potential partner. Get on treatment. By doing so you cannot spread the virus sexually; and can have kids if you choose to do so. Remember, that when you disclose that you are HIV positive, you are letting that person know you are human. You are asking them "will you let me be human in a dating relationship with you?"

    With the advancement in treatment and complete compliance to the taking of medication as prescribed, HIV is a chronic condition.
  5. Know that you will not develop AIDS.

    Compliance to a medication regimen isn't desired by anyone; which may bring side effects as well. Yet, adjustments are part of reality, and this is no different.
  6. View taking medication as part of your morning or evening routines.

    Brush your teeth and take a pill, like tens of millions of people in this country alone.

    You can't change your past, nor look into your future; you aren't a fortune teller or a psychic.
  7. Live in the present moment, because all you have is the present moment to live, embrace, and enjoy.

    I received my diagnosis of HIV almost 17 years ago, so I know all of these things to be true. Therefore, always remember that you conquer personal anxiety and fear with taking action. Take proper action and move forward in living an awesome life.

Written by James Cotromanes

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