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Worried I got HIV1/2 From Sex With Escort

I am an uncircumcised 27-year-old. I paid for sex with a Brazilian escort in Boston on February 17 through an eros website, and she was highly well-reviewed on the exotic review with a $400 hourly rate. She does not french kiss or anal sex, only condom blow job (CBJ) and condom sex (TWICE). Both times CBJ and condom sex. After the sex, I tested the condom by putting water in it and no water came out (do not think it broke or slipped but not sure about if micro-tears are a real thing)

Feeling worried after a first experience

This was my first experience with an escort, and I became very nervous about STI, specifically HIV/HTLV. I asked her if she would get tested, which she said yes to because she said she is very safe and clean. She's been escorting for over a year and a half and follows a lot of safety precautions.  The tests were performed Thursday, February 23rd, and an 11 STD panel was done through quest, including HIV PCR +HEP C PCR+HTLV. Everything came back negative besides HSV1 (Which I know is very common).

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HIV testing

Because of window periods, I'm nervous she could be positive between the delay of the PCR and 4th gen test? Since U=U is primarily meant for individuals that are HIV+ taking ARS it states that they have to be HIV undetectable for 6 months to be untransferable? Regarding my situation because she tested undetectable. What does that mean for us?

Because the 4th gen test also came back negative one week after the exposure- the odds of her contacting HIV 2 in the 3 weeks that the 4th gen doesn't detect antibodies for HIV 2 would be very rare, I presume? I know HIV 2 is specific to Natives of West African countries/ places where they frequently visit (i.e., Brazil) just not sure of her previous sexual encounters and what kind of risk exposure I have to HIV 2 since she did not test for the HIV 2 viral load PCR.

Started (TRUVADA+TRIVCAY) before 24 hours. Will PEP work for HIV 1 and HIV 2?

Since the incident on the 17 and starting PEP on the 18 I've had recurrent night sweats for the last two weeks. Should I be worried about these symptoms?

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