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Do you find it difficult to talk about HIV when dating?

Heather shared, "Unfortunately finding out that I was positive caused me to feel as though I no longer had the option of having the relationship that I previously deemed mandatory. I ended up dealing with a lot of things that I never should have never allowed continued."

Do you find it difficult to talk about HIV when dating?

  1. When I was first told I was living with HIV in 1997 I was in denial for about a year and never really thought about it but, It didn't take me very long to realize that I would be living with HIV forever so I needed to say it to people that I met and it wasnt because I was hoping for a relationship I disclosed because If that person felt anything for me it was best I said something as soon as possible before feelings came into play. I didn't want to hurt anyone.

    1. I have not dated in so long , but I think i shoot myself in foot because I tell my status up front. So if you can get past my boldness then maybe. but not so far

      1. It wasnt easy being open but I feel it was the best thing I could have ever done. It allowed me to feel like me again without feeling isolated. I dont worry about who has anything to say as long as I am happy with me.
        I felt that it was only right to tell right away because there are no feelings lost at all.. I think if others who are having a hard time with living with HIV would just stop caring about the fear they hold so close to them it will allow them to live the way they want.. but it's a choice and once a person gets to that I dont care because they are sick and tired that's when they will see that it was something they should have done years ago..

      2. I do the same thing. I let a person know up front before they start having feelings. Then let them decide and most times I never hear back from them.

    2. This is very true my sister, And I have not looked back since

      1. That is awesome live well, live life and be happy.. hugs from a distance my sister.

    3. I think it's common to think that dating would be unachievable when you're positive, at least I know I thought this too! However, I think with a lot of self care and love, it becomes easier to know that anyone who cannot accept you does not deserve you. Good luck to everyone in the dating world, sometimes it's harsh but remember, you are amazing on your own! - Ze (Team Member)

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