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Do I have any risk to have HIV?

The fact is the following: I had sex with a prostitute 2 days ago. We had vaginal and oral sex, ALWAYS wearing condom. Also i touched the girl's Vagina with my Hand before and after sex.
After cumming, with the penis still erect, I went to the toilet and removed the condom and then washed my penis (the body and the head) with this same hand which i touched vagina.

My question is: Do I have any risk to have HIV? Should I be concerned?

  1. Alafia (Peace) Thank you for reaching out with your concerns. I am not a medical expert but I will share that using condoms is a great barrier to reduce the risk of contracting HIV. You used condoms so I think your risk is low. If you would like to reduce concerns I suggest you go get tested. Khafre ( Team Member)

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