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Have you been diagnosed with Autonomic dysfunction?

What has a diagnosis of a disorder of the autonomic nervous system meant for you?

- Heather R

  1. my hands shake for no reason, righting can be sometimes hard. adding lashes is out of the question and some times the food will shake off of my fork. My bones are very brittle now and I'm needing to get my right hip replaced, see the Dr. on the 21'st to decide if it is time or will another carry me until January

    1. Alafia (Peace) mickitee It sounds like you are really struggling. I hope you and your care team can come to a resolution. I am thinking about you. Try to stay connected with us. Khafre ( Team Member)

    2. Alafia (Peace) How did things turn out? Will you have to get your hips replaced? Please let us know how we can continue to support you. Khafre ( Team Member)

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