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I do not know much medical terms, I had HIV. And now I am somehow good. Do not want to talk about it, and the truth less belongings are there to talk.
medication continues..., but I cannot say accurate about my health.
My parent's efforts could not be successful. Depression, perhaps we will become very sad, then what will we do, do not do anything wrong.
Now maybe we can't think of anything. That's why we always have to be busy, depression comes quickly due to being empty,
I am in depression therapy since last 25 days from

Expressive Therapy For Depression [URL][URL]

But I know that now my old days can never come back, everything has changed, my face, my voice ,Even all the relationships have changed now.
Now I have to learn to live like this or else I can go into a lot of depression, and I am afraid not to do anything wrong.

  1. I am grateful that you share your thoughts here, because many here in this community reading this can relate to dealing with depression. It is not easy, you are right, and adapting to change is also so hard. When you share like this, you help others. I hope others here can share what they've experienced and support you - Liz (Team Member)

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