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HIV - Rapid and Blood Accuracy with Oral Sex

Hi everyone. Within the past two weeks I have received unprotected oral sex from a sex worker. 10 days ago a lymph node in my arm began to swell. 7 days ago I developed a sore neck. Neck nodes may be swollen. 3 days ago I took a rapid saliva test and it returned positive. 2 days I took a gen iv antigen/antibody blood test and it came back negative. My doctor prescribed me antibiotics for the arm node which is going down. My neck is still sore. Which test result should I accept here? I’ve never been so uneasy before in my life. Please help with any information you can. Thank you

  1. I’ve read that oral sex is low risk, but not zero. It is the only sexual contact I’ve had with the worker.

    1. , I am glad you reached out with these questions. I am sure it has been a stressful few days for you. We are not medical professionals and cannot interpret your test results, but I can give you some information that may be useful. As I understand it, you took an at-home oral saliva test about 11 days after you feel you may have been exposed, and then an antibody blood test (was this at your doctor's, who prescribed the meds for the arm node?)? There is more information about these tests, as well as information about the window periods between transmission and testing in this article:

      Was the saliva test Oraquick? There is some more info on at-home testing here that may help:

      Please keep us posted on how you are doing, and I hope this information can help you.

      Liz (Team Member)

      1. , I just wanted to check in to see if you got the information you needed and to see how you're doing. - Liz (Team Member)

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