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Am I too young to be diagnosed with HIV?

I am a 29 year-old gay male. I have recently been diagnosed with HIV positive (did ag/ab and PCR test both came positive). I just think that it's too soon too young for me to be facing this. It feels like a lifetime punishment. I guess I am writing this off as just to express my mixed up feelings. Is there any online voice channel where people can just speak or just be present just to feel like I am not alone? I am not ready to tell anyone about this and I don't think I will tell anyone sooner. However, mentally speaking I know I can't face this alone.

  1. you are not alone here, there are many here living with HIV who have faced diagnosis the way you are now. It can feel so isolating, and mixed up like you said. Here is a great place to start, with our advocates here talking about what they wish they'd heard when they were diagnosed - I like what said, "If I am honest, I had a hard time accepting my own diagnosis. I strongly suggest educating yourself on what it means to be HIV positive today. Being HIV positive is no longer a death sentence. The treatment and management of HIV has come leaps and bounds from where it was in the 1980s. We can still live our lives to the fullest..."

    As far as a telephone line you can call, the new 988 line is for any mental health crisis. You can call or text anytime 24/7.

    - Liz (Team Member)

    1. I was 21 when I was first diagnosed, and what you describe is exactly how I felt for a moment. Six years have gone by and I’ve learned to cope with it, not much changes fortunately, and probably the most difficult part of it is facing stigma. Just live, this is only another bump on the road, another wave in the water, you’ll find better grounds where you can be who you are, where you can feel confident enough to not let anybody else’s opinions define you, and that confidence will attract many others that are willing to learn and be with you.

      1. I was 21 when diagnosed with GRID back in 1982, so I understand how you are feeling. A diagnosis back then was as personal as it is today. It is a life changer, no doubt about it. But it is a managed condition and for many in the UK, one pill a day. Here's my suggestions for you:

        Get counselling, it may help.

        Find an HIV support group to attend either in person or online for support.
        Think about staring meds if not done already.
        Its only a punishment if you let it be! There are no guilty or innocent people with HIV.
        Educate yourself on HIV (remember you don't have AIDS and if you adhere to meds unlikely to transition to it.
        Tell those who you trust. In time you'll get the confidence to tell others.
        Once you've done all the above, you'll be better placed to take no bullshit from anyone!

        1. Alafia (Peace) I want you to know that I respect your bravery for reaching out to us This is a huge first step in obtaining the support you may need to move forward. I know it feels like you are too young and this diagnosis is too soon to be diagnosed with HIV and that is valid. Please know that we are here for you and we want to support you through this process of finding your way with this new diagnosis. Remember, we are your family too. Khafre ( Team Member)

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