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lack of mediciens and Noone care

In Morocco there is a serious lack of mediciens and also a very careless treatement, they don t care for you at all.

There is no other solution as we are trapped & there is no one to help out, so I am asking you guys if there is anyone to help us out in Morocco in case we need mediciens?

Is there any assosition who can provide it for us ?

I contacted over 20 websites and agencies and assoistions but noone reply expect swedish who statued we only people in live in Sweden.

  1. While we cannot help you directly in getting your medication, I know some have had better luck reaching out to local organizations through Facebook or Twitter. It looks like this Facebook page is active. I do not know this organization - I wonder if they can provide information for you? - Liz (Team Member)

    1. yeah but they are helpless since they don t have it either. It's very complicated

  2. Alafia (Peace) MarrocanWarrior, As Liz shares we are not in a position to help you directly with mediation. I think Liz made a great suggestion. I would like to add, perhaps you can reach out to your national health organization/government to gain sone direction as to how you all can obtain medications. Khafre ( Team Member)

    1. I am so sorry but this is Morocco and noone is going to reply or give you any information. Overmore you might get neglected completely for bringing this up to media or public. We are unfortunately trapped and we need help from outside. Please ask your members or any organization which can help us.

    2. Alafia (Peace) MarrocanWarrior I understand even more. I will reach out to a friend who has done some work in different African countries to see if any of the organizations can help you all. Khafre ( Team)

  3. Please Do as soon as possible as. Do you have Any contacts of asian countries where can I get medicen there as it's available there.

    1. Alafia (Peace) MarrocanWarrior I am working on it but no luck just yet. Khafre ( Team Member)

  4. Please keep me updated asap. Times run fast and I am running out of it in next afew weeks

    1. Alafia (Peace) I am sorry that I have not been able to find any resources for you yet. I will continue checking things out. Khafre ( Team Member)

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