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Are you in a mixed-status relationship? What advice would you share?

What were your earliest conversations about status?

How do you support each other's overall health?

What conversations have you had about PrEP?

What advice would you share on dating and relationships?

Resources - what would you add?
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Mixed-Status Couples:
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  1. Alafia (Peace) I am in a mixed status relationship. I shared my status the second time we met in person. They were already well versed on issues regarding HIV.

    We support each others health by checking in with each other and keeping great communication as a Stanley.

    Khafre ( Team Member)

    1. Just be careful and practice safe sex. Luckily my BF and I are older so sex isn't a huge deal. It took me 46 years to find the love of my life. You'll get there ( stop looking love yourself 1st

      1. I wasn't looking. I had been alone since my diagnosis in 2004. I no longer trusted anyone. Even though I knew how to tell people I just couldn't. I don't think I left the house for 6 months. I was so afraid I would somehow pass it to someone because of a paper cut. Then I became stronger still don't like to tell people it seems to suck the air out of the building.

      2. Hi . That is quite a journey and illustrates to everyone just what is possible. It is a very different situation, but my wife, Kelly, was diagnosed with a severe form of juvenile idiopathic arthritis at age two, has had many surgeries, and has used a wheelchair most of her life. When we met she had become comfortable with the idea of being by herself and refers to ours as a surprise relationship. She wrote about it here for one of our sister-sites (, noting "We’ve talked about how I never planned to get married and Richard thinks that because I was happy and comfortable with myself, that was how we found each other." This quote is what your post reminded me of. If you ever feel like writing more of your story please feel free to do so in our stories section at (although certainly no pressure to do so). Wishing you and your partner the best. Richard (Team Member)

    2. I went getting hiv positive gay man wants come out I not positive meeting with right parents get hiv positive went come positive parents

      1. What were your earliest conversations about status? My boyfriend knew about my status years before we even began seeing each other. I blog for TheBody & Positive Women's Network so my status has been OUT almost as long as I have been diagnosed. He asked about U = U

        How do you support each other's overall health?
        He has liver failure so we take care of each other, we take our meds together, and talk about Dr's office jaw dropping stigma. I'm helping him advocate for drs who treat him better. We talk about our medical fears & obstacles.

        What conversations have you had about PrEP? He asked me if he should go on it. I talked to my previous Infectious Disease Dr who informed me since we use condoms it was not needed.

        What advice would you share on dating and relationships? Don't give up on love because you are positive you deserve LOVE just like your negative friends & family does. Open communication leads to intimacy and trust. Don't be afraid to jump into a relationship, your mental health will benefit and for real, not everyone will be afraid of you.

        Resources - what would you add?

        1. Alafia (Peace) First, you are so brave for sharing your experience through TheBody which is a great platform. It seems as if your confidence leads yiu into some great spaces. It also seems to help you navigate relationships very well. At least to open and honest dialog part. Please keep up your good work. Khafre ( Team Member)

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