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Mono/Strep Symptoms

Heys! I think I am losing my mind over reading all the academic papers and websites related to this issue. 6 days ago I had an anal intercourse as the insertive partner (though a pretty short period of around 1-2 minutes of receptive episode also happened) unfortunately unprotected, with whom I do not know the HIV status. A little less than 72 hours after of the possible exposure (around 65 hours I think), I woke up with a terrible sore throat and a couple of hours later I felt the sore throat, fever followed. It has risen up to around 38.5 C. I had an enormous fatigue/muscle-body ache as well. I had a headache also.

I first thought of the COVID-19 and immidiately made a PCR test, which turned out negative. Then I visited the doctor and he said I had Strep throat. I had a puss like whiteness all over my tonsils. He prescribed me antibiotics and I came home. To note here, he didnt perform a test to check whether it was a strep throat. So I am not even sure how he decided that it was a strep, not a mono anyways.

Antibiotics lowered my fever to around 36.8-36.9, 24 hours after the first dose. My fatigue and body aches also disappeared once fever lowered. 48 hours after the first dose, my throat was much better and I had no pain swallowing anymore.

Although it seems like antibiotics worked, I am so anxious over the possibility whether it could be Acute HIV Infection Symptoms, and the effect of antibiotics is a coincidence (I have read that Acute HIV Symptoms may also last for a few days, for me the symptoms lasted mostly for around 3 days). Is there any concrete possibility that the HIV's acute early symptoms can start as early as 3 days? Some websites (namely everyday health) do suggest that they can crop as early as 3 days but most other resources say its usually about 2-4 weeks after the infection and 7 days after the infection is a rare incident.

Do you think there is any medical ground for a possible set of acute HIV symptoms after 3 days?

Thank you very much in advance

  1. Hi , I am glad you reached out with these questions. While we cannot provide you medical advice (this site exists to share information and support one another), I can provide you with information that might help you as you work through these concerns.

    First, it is totally understandable that the medical journals and papers can be overwhelming and offer conflicting information, and probably also contributes to how anxious you might feel not having an answer. It does not sound like you have been tested for HIV since your possible exposure, is that right? I know there can be obstacles when it comes to testing or talking to your doctor, so please feel free to talk it out here with the community and I recommend Shaina's article here about the rapid test and what to expect (if you haven't done it before)

    I know you're doing your own research, and I would suggest adding this article here which gathers and explains some of the information you're finding in the journals:

    Please keep us updated and let us know what information we can provide. I wish we could offer you a clearer answer about what your symptoms mean, but taking these steps toward testing may ease your mind and we're here with a listening ear if you need it.

    - Liz (Team Member)

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