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Pep can also protect like preps?

i was taking pep on the clock. on the 14th pill i did unprotected sex again (my bad). does pep also protect me from new incoming hiv like prep or should i count new 28 days since that encounter?. (meaning the 14 days i have taken have been wasted, and i add 14 pills tho this 2😎

I understand that pep is hard on the body and should not used as preps. im just asking for this mistake i made, to know if i have to take additional 14 pills beyond the 28 i need. or finish this 28 and thats it.

  1. Hi . This is an excellent question and I am sure you are not alone in wanting information on what to do if there is a potential exposure during a PEP cycle. It is good that you are seeking out this information. I need to stress to you that we are not medical professionals and, for your safety, cannot give medical advice over the internet. That said, I was able to find this source on PEP information which states "If you have an exposure while you are taking PEP it is recommended that you go back to your doctor to discuss this as you will need to extend the PEP course:" We are not qualified to say exactly what changes to the treatment may be necessary, so you may want to see your medical professional. Wishing you the best. Richard (Team Member)

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